Global Program Management

Consistent services through a single point of contact with effective global control

As part of outsourcing engagements it is crucial for our customers to have a strong central responsible and accountable liaison function that manages all aspects of the contracted services. This entity assures the control of the entire delivery and its service and financial performance by any party within the chosen outsourcing approach. It will orchestrate all involved parties, centralize reporting and even create a roadmap to future directions. The GWA  guarantees you an effective, lean and very cost-competitive global program management service from early start to the ongoing managed service phase.

Global Program Management

Why GWA?

  • As ITIL implementer of the first hour, our service has for decades proven in hundreds of companies.  Based on a set of common ITIL v.3-based processes, the alliance's workspace outsourcing offerings offer a role-based approach and use highly standardized offerings.
  • Because international workspace services are at the very core of our business, you benefit from economies of a flexible scale - lower operational costs and improved total cost of ownership.
  • GWA works according to tested, certified methods and provides very effective global and local billing including VAT management we fully take care of. You are assured of optimal results.
  • Tier 1 providers lack the flexibility and agility to respond to client needs in multiple geographies. As a result the GWA is recognized by leading analysts as having a clear vision of the market's direction and focused on providing services to meet future market needs.


Business Benefits

  • The global program management service provides a managed service allowing you to focus on your core business through one leading contract owner.
  • Local engagements with subcontractors are not your responsibility anymore, and will be eliminated now with global control.
  • Increased business alignment with internal business departments and align this with the global program management office directly.
  • Last but not least the global program management service supports you with a global best practice, high degree client focus, care, expertise and ideas you can benefit from.