Global Service Delivery Model

Global. Standardized. Repeatable.

Many global organizations have aspirations to standardize ways of working across their entire organization in order to realize efficiency benefits. Putting into place standardized processes, common technology and strong capability can lead to consistent, repeatable, quality services delivered universally. When setting out on the journey to create these standardised processes it is important to note the many potential pitfalls along the way. Nevertheless, through careful planning, the adoption of a well thought out strategy, and the introduction of a Global Service Delivery Model (GSDM), global standardisation can be achieved and with it many benefits realised.


Global Service Delivery Model

The GWA’s Global Service Delivery Model (GSDM) is one of the working models within our corporate business architecture. The GSDM is an integrated Service Management process delivery model, with the objective of enabling delivery of high quality, standardized, repeatable and consistent services for our customers. It also provides governance and structure to all Getronics Operational activities. The GSDM draws upon recognised industry Best Practices such as ITIL® but also underpins Getronics ISO quality registrations such as ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO/IEC 27001. The GSDM provides the model that surrounds the Getronics Service Portfolio and Service Catalogue and the Global Standards which enable working with our Global Workspace Alliance partners. In summary, GSDM delivers:


Why GWA?

The actual processes, Procedures and tools which are used by the partners in the alliance are all based upon Getronics Service Delivery Model (GSDM) to enable consistent quality services globally. The GSDM is a development of market best practices from ITIL, COBIT and ISO and enable the Workspace Alliance to work as if it was a single organization. One of the key benefits of GSDM is that this way of working enables strong delivery management with CLIENT communication on a local basis in each major theater while rolling up the overall service accountability regionally and globally through the Global Workspace Alliance GPMO.


Business Benefits

  • Consistency and innovation to the end to end delivery processes within GWA partners
  • Process alignment between business lines, Operating Companies, suppliers and service partners
  • Alignment of organization, processes & supporting systems
  • Supports and is supported by the latest industry and compliancy standards (ISO/IEC 20000, ITIL®)
  • GSDM covers end to end services including local support, field support, asset and life cycle management
  • GSDM enables the Getronics Global Services strategy, business & customer value