Global Service Desk

Pro-active and user-focused remote support

The Service Desk is often an employee’s first and only point of contact with IT. This sets an important first impression and influences how the IT function is perceived across the entire organization. Providing quality Service Desk support, Incident Management and meeting user demands can be cost and resource intensive for many organizations. These challenges multiply when employees work remotely and from multiple locations, or when operations span multiple countries and business units. The GWA can help. Our unique approach to proactive, predictive and preemptive services equips the Service Desk with access to real time, big data based analytics that provide an end user’s point of view and turns traditional device-centric support into a user-centric support model.

GWA Global Service Centers

Global Capabilities

  • 6 Global Service Desks
  • 1,330 Agents supporting
  • Support in 22 languages
  • An average of 3.5M tickets in a year
  • Supporting more than 1.4M users
  • 93% Customer Satisfaction 


Why GWA?

The GWA provides a user-focused, pro-active, omni-channel and multi-lingual Global Managed Service Desk which delivers round-the-clock service and a consistent single point of contact. Each Service Centre provides remote management of users’ machines and end-to-end Incident Management.

Utilizing our Shift Left strategy we aim to lower support costs and reduce end-user downtime, while empowering our customers to address common issues themselves through self-service, knowledge base usage and service automation capabilities. 


The focus is on user productivity rather than reaction times to incidents | OVUM 2017


Business Benefits

  • Ongoing and committed cost reductions throughout the contract
  • Increased productivity and employee engagement
  • Integrated reporting
  • Reduced load on internal resolver resources
  • Flexible capacity
  • Up-to-date staff training