GWA Facts

Global reach with local awareness

With on-site services in over 90 countries across the globe, GWA partners are able to adapt and quickly respond to specific requests in terms of geography, solution and pricing.

A successful history and global expertise

The GWA leading partners, Getronics and CompuCom, have been working together with international customers for over 30 years, sharing a strong customer base with several successful renewals and service expansions.

Interesting fact: most GWA members share a common heritage within Getronics, meaning that for many years we have been working under the same set of processes, methods and tools, demonstrated in our seamless service delivery. Meet our partners.

A global management team

With over 30 years of local and international experience, the GWA Board is responsible for the management and strategic direction of the Alliance, as well as for ensuring continuous innovation and added value in both our offering and internal processes.

Managing your workspace – what we do best

Achieving your company’s strategic goals depends greatly on the level of engagement of your employees. This is why our aim is to provide them with a consumer-like experience and flexible work environment designed to enable both productivity and employee satisfaction.

Based on customized tools and proactive support, our workspace solutions empower your staff to focus on what really matters: their customers and business growth.
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One-team approach throughout the entire cycle

When engaging any Alliance member, our international clients plug into an extended service network through one single point of contact, one contract and one billing entity.

For the client, working with the GWA results in simplified contract management, effective service evolution and responsive scaling to requirements.

Awards & Recognitions