High Expectations for the Workspace in the Digital Era

2017-05-10 10:00

To thrive in today’s hyper-competitive business climate, organizations must be many things at once: agile, operationally efficient, innovative and intensely focused on satisfying their customers’ needs.

Technology, on the other hand, is reinventing and revolutionizing the way business is done. From the automation of business processes up to the end user experience. Whether business or consumer, users today expect ‘always on’ accessibility, responsiveness and a seamless, intuitive experience regardless of the device they use or location. The workplace is no longer physical, but a digital environment enabling collaboration and staff productivity to drive business growth.

To top it off, international organizations face an additional challenge: to not only capitalize on and better leverage the global enterprise, but also to deliver optimized regional service, externally and internally, with a clear understanding of local preferences, regulations and culture.

A modern digital workspace must focus on the user


Today independent analyst OVUM, in collaboration with the Global Workspace Alliance (GWA), has published “The Global Workspace Alliance: Offering and International Outlook with Local Touch’. The document combines OVUM’s research with its ‘Digital Workplace Manifesto’ as a guide to evaluate the GWA’s workplace offering and how prepared it is to meet the requirements of the new modern workplace, in the context of international businesses.

The document pays great focus on the user and the need for the workspace to fit into different workstyles: from their roles as a manual, knowledge or service worker, if they are fixed or mobile, their geographic location and, nowadays, even age has a great impact, as millennials join the workforce with different expectations when it comes to technology and IT support.

All in all, not always an easy task. For this, in the GWA we look forward to partner with international companies to help them succeed in this challenge, taking a step approach in their digital transformation journey and considering the nuances of their different regional entities, supporting with this their company’s growth.

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