Solution Café ®

Consumer-Like IT Support

Today's employees have more demanding expectations when it comes to technical support. Outside of work, they enjoy friendly, customized, rapid assistance for their personal technology needs. When they have trouble with their laptop, smartphone or tablet at work, they want to have a similarly positive experience. Is your IT organization up to the task? The GWA’s Solution Café® will supplement your traditional service desk by providing enhanced onsite support, with access to effective technical assistance for their company-owned and personal devices, when and where they need it. It's the type of support experience that aligns IT more closely with the business while also boosting employee productivity and satisfaction.

Solution Cafe is a registered trademark of CompuCom Systems, Inc.

GWA’s Walk-Up Services: Our Solution Café ®

Why GWA?

  • GWA’s lead partner, CompuCom, is a pioneer in the design, implementation and management of walk-up service centers and have worked in this capacity with many clients across retail, healthcare, life sciences, insurance, financial services and other industries. Calling on the lessons learned, we deliver with the GWA superb on-site support in every Solution Café that we manage, around the globe.
  • The GWA is one of the few service providers that considers On-site services an integral part of their end-user support strategy, and we continue to invest and innovate in this area in order to consistently improve user experience


Business Benefits

  • Increased productivity, with on-demand support by tech experts 
  • Flexibility for the users, as they are able to walk-in or schedule an appointment to support any type of device at the time it’s more convenient for them
  • Offers a new support choice to the end-user
  • Improves the image of your IT department with a more personal, effective and consumer-like IT service