Global Transition & Transformation

GWA’s Service Transition Framework

Transitions typically require changes to the client organization, governance structures, processes and technology. The GWA employs a systematic, organized process called Service Transition Framework to transition and implement service operations. It is both based upon our long-standing & extensive experiences in outsourcing and acknowledged market standards. The goal of Transition & Transformation service is to bring customers to the new outsourced GWA Service Delivery Model for all contracted services in an efficient and effective manner, safeguarding business continuity and employee satisfaction.

Service Transition Framework

Why GWA?

GWA partners have developed the Service Transition Framework (STF) based on market standards and their best-practices gained during executing of Transitions & Transformation for many years. As a standard model, STF can be tuned to the contract scope of any client situation and is constantly improved by centrally maintained lessons learned and best practices.

This globally consistent approach leads to effective & efficient execution while assuring consistent quality across all regions.


Business Benefits

  • Prescriptive transition process.- GWA will Lead and Drive the Transition Process providing Clear Guidance to CLIENT
  • Experience.- Experienced Resources, Lessons Learned, Repeatable Processes, and Tools
  • Reduction of Risk.- Proactively Identify & Mitigate Risks based on Lessons Learned & Experience
  • Tollgate reviews & Transition Governance.- Collaboration, Controlled Phases, Milestone and Service Readiness Committee Approvals
  • Hypercare after Go Live.- “All Hands on Deck” Control Room to Expedite the Remediation of Issues
  • Pro-active Communications.- Communicate “What’s” Needed and Escalate “When” Needed