The Global
Workspace Alliance

User-focused solutions
for your global workspace needs


Led jointly by Getronics and U.S.-based partner CompuCom, the Global Workspace Alliance (GWA) supplies IT support to multinational companies around the world, delivering field and remote services in over 90 countries through common processes, methods and tools to ensure seamless delivery across regions.

The GWA's mission is to support global companies as they transition toward an increasingly mobile, connected, and secure global workspace environment, enabling them to achieve their objectives by empowering satisfied and efficient employees.

By engaging with a member of the Alliance, international organizations plug into an extended service network through a single business point of contact. This differs fundamentally from the locally sub-contracted resources used traditionally in many international IT service contracts: All alliance members work together to anticipate service requirements and to plan and manage resources accordingly. For the client, this results in simplified contract management, effective service evolution and responsive scaling to requirements.

What we do
Featuring proactive support and tailored, user-focused solutions, our service portfolio contributes to the productivity and satisfaction of our clients’ employees – providing them with the customized tools that enable them to deliver the best possible service, both internally to the business and externally to their customers.

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